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“Compassion causes positive transformation within our bodies. Through that way, healing takes place.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

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 Counselling Sessions
In person & Online

Walk & Talk
Counselling sessions
Around the Findhorn area in Scotland

Therapeutic Nature Connection
 Within quiet locations around  Moray, Scotland.
 Or Online 

My fee is £50 per hour - in person
£45 per hour - via zoom or phone


    Specialties: Spirituality - Trauma healing - Presence - Ecotherapy. 

Do you live with the impacts of trauma or an overwhelming experience? Maybe you feel stuck with feelings of depression or anxiety and this has taken the joy out of your life?

I'm a warm, down to earth and empathic Counsellor and Ecotherapist, offering a safe and compassionate space, while supporting you to explore what is most needed. 

Are you suffering from chronic stress, anxiety or depression or a whole host of painful feelings like sadness and fear, anger, helplessness or numbness? Or are you finding it hard to deal with the current world events and changes?

Chronic stress often profoundly impacts the way you relate with yourself and others, making life feel like a constant challenge.

Imagine how would it be, if you could process past trauma or current challenges compassionately? I will help you by teaching some simple psychoeducation and self care techniques to regulate and soothe your nervous system, as you discover inner resources, skills and powers that would support your ability to navigate daily life with more ease, connection and wellbeing. 

My approach is person centred, I believe that a relationship which is non judgmental, kind, honest and respectful can provide the right conditions, for our innate capacity for healing to thrive. As you explore what's most needed, I'll empathically feel, relate with and listen to you with presence. Sometimes I'll guide you to focus upon physical sensations, thoughts and feelings as this will help you to mindfully tap into the body's natural healing and integration capacity.

I work with a Polyvagal approach to counselling. Having an awareness of how our autonomic nervous system, reacts to experiences and initiates responses to help us safely navigate our daily life encounters. Often our autonomic responses get  stuck in a defensive cycles, which leads to living a life experience that is filled with chronic stress, anxiety or depression. With a polyvagal approach to counselling, I can teach you to become more aware of this process and develop new skills, which support you to feel more safety and enjoyment in life. This combination can be deeply transformational.

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