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Counselling Sessions
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Walk and Talk
Counselling sessions
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My approach is person centred, I believe that a relationship which is non judgmental, kind, honest and respectful can provide the right conditions, for our innate capacity for healing to thrive. As you explore what's most needed, I'll empathically feel, relate with and listen to you. Sometimes I'll guide you to focus upon physical sensations, thoughts and feelings as this will help you to mindfully tap into the body's natural healing and integration capacity.

I work with a Polyvagal approach to counselling. Having an awareness of how our autonomic nervous system, reacts to experiences and initiates responses to help us safely navigate our daily life encounters. Often our autonomic responses get  stuck in a defensive cycles, which leads to living a life experience that is filled with chronic stress, anxiety or depression.


With a polyvagal approach to counselling, I can teach you to become more aware of this process and develop new skills, which support you to feel more safety and enjoyment in life.

This combination can be deeply transformational.  If you'd like to learn more about my approach, go to my website or contact me to arrange a free initial 30 min introductory appointment.

What are walk and Talk therapy - counselling sessions?

It's essentially a counselling process while being in nature. We walk and talk, sometimes you may feel drawn to rest in a particular space or to sit on a bench, sometimes you may stand and rest or walk at a faster pace. As I would in any in door counselling session, I'll follow your pace as the therapy process unfolds. 

Walk and Talk therapy offers numerous benefits form being in nature. As the natural environment becomes intimately connected within your counselling process. Being in nature can enhance self-esteem and mood, reduce anxiety, depression and boost the immune system. Nature is naturally both soothing and restorative.

These sessions take place in natural environments and parks around Findhorn, Scotland. The spaces offer gentle walks, so you don't have to fit. Special equipment isn't needed, a drink, suitable clothing for different weathers, a raincoat and sensible waterproof shoes is all you need. 

If the weather is likely to cause discomfort and interfere with your counselling process, I can offer an indoor or an online session via zoom that day.

If you'd like to read more about walk and Talk Therapy, tap on the link below.

The benefits of walking and talking therapy - Counselling Directory (

Restoring Nervous System Health 
Counselling Sessions

 In person & online 

Therapeutic Nature Connection Sessions
In person & online

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These sessions offer support by integrating your autonomic nervous system (ANS) processes, within the counselling process. Through sensing into your present moment experience, your thoughts, feelings or physical sensations, a connection with your body's wisdom begins to open.


Through this orientation you'll be gently supported to discover how safe or unsafe you feel in any given moment. While learning new skills to offer your ANS the support that's needed to foster stability, ease and wellbeing.

This approach is significant because with a sense of safety s a natural state of openness arises. Along with feelings of ease, trust, freedom and kind connection with yourself and others. When feeling unsafe your ANS naturally contracts, giving rise to a sense of disconnection and stress. Along with a spectrum of other emotions ranging from anxiety, anger and aggression all the way to isolation, shut down and numbing out. 

Naturally, if your in genuine danger it's appropriate to feel unsafe and need to move away from the threat. Yet through life experience, many of us maintain unconscious patterns within our ANS that are shaped into feeling generally unsafe. Even when this doesn't match up with the reality of the moment. Therefore, many of us can live most if not all of our lives in a state of chronic disconnection and stress.

With some psychoeducation, exploration and regular engagement with new practices that increase feelings of safety. It's possible to restore the autonomic nervous systems home base of safety, to feel less distressed, at ease and connected with life when appropriate. 

These sessions aim to support your increased skills to enhance resources for a nourished and connected life.

These Nature Connection sessions offer a way of being in nature which supports your deepening relationship with the living world. In ways that have been shown to boost healing properties within the body and mind. And promote feelings of ease and well being.

My approach to nature connection aims to support you to come know yourself more fully from your exploration with the natural world. Through simple ways of orientating your attention towards the environment and befriending life, the natural world opens up more fully, offering just what is needed in any moment. Insights, clarity, a sense of guidance and healing remain universal experiences when people connect with nature in a reciprocal and respectful way. 

Mental health charity Mind carried out extensive research a few years ago. Which showed that walking in the countryside could help reduce depression and anxiety. In their survey, they reported that 71% of respondents felt decreased depression and less tense after a green walk. While 90% felt their self-esteem increase after a country walk.

In our busy modern day lives, many of us are disconnected from our roots and experience being separate from the living world. These sessions aim to restore a grounded connection and a sense of belonging. As well as befriending life through a reciprocal relationship with nature which is restorative for our physical and health and wellbeing.

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