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About Me


My Core Values

 Work in a relational and collaborative way with you.
 Be authentic and real.
 Nurture a shared sense of safety, connection & trust.
 Offer a consistent grounded and empathic presence.
  Hold clear supportive boundaries.
 Tune into our collective wisdom.
  Offer Psychoeducation.
   Support your development of increased skills to resource you.
I'm resourced by presence, a deep connection with the natural world, being within wilder environments, kind relationships and a love of learning.

I know from both personal experience and as a counsellor the transformation that naturally unfolds, from being in the safe, grounded and compassionate presence of another. This has supported me to foster my own presence and ability to rest into the present moment, trusting a deeper intelligence.

I feel passionate about healing and rest
oring health. Through a deep connection with nature, the natural world has revealed many different ways, that relationship with nature restore's health.

I have a particular interest in healing trauma and discovering how trauma effects our autonomic nervous system. Along with ways to relieve this stress within the mind and body.
My approach is Integrated, Person Centred, Transpersonal and Mindfulness based. Rooted in an ecological awareness, neuroscience and the polyvagal theory. Supported by over 25 years of personal meditation and mindfulness practice. 
I'm a member of BACP, maintain a commitment to adhere to the codes of ethics and practice. I attend a monthly one to one and two group supervisions sessions each month.
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Qualifications and Training

Current Training 


  • EMDR Training - Jennifer Sweeton

  • Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) Diploma Training

  1.               Qualifications 

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology - Daniel Seigel

  • One year of Polyvagal Therory - Deb Dana

  • Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) Basic Practitioner Training Course 

  • Advanced Diploma in Humanistic counselling -  Level 5

  • Ten Directions Ecotherapy training, Certificate in Other- Centred                            Environmentally Based Therapies

  • The Heart of Trauma - Bonnie Badenoch

  • One year Nature Immersion and Bush Craft training with Trackway

  • Working with Shame - Carolyn Spring

  • Working with Trauma - Carolyn Spring

  • The rewind Technique - Human Givens

  • Evolutionary Relationships - Terry Real & Thomas Hubl

  • Mystical principles of Healing - Thomas Hubl

  • Transparent communication - Thomas Hubl

  • Mystical principle of relationship - Thomas Hubl

  • Transpersonal meditation, mindfulness and exploration of Self- 12 years              study and practice with Adyashanti

  • One year Core Shamanism - Simon Buxton

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